Tuesday, January 31, 2012

White Dwarf and my thoughts

Okey guys, just got the last White dwarf. I must say that once again I'm really disappointed by it. I've been taking and reading every months for almost a year and I must say as a Warhammer 40k player and only Warhammer 40k player I just have the feeling that we just don't have enough. I mean the magazine is quite expensive (7€ in my country) and even if I know it's more an display magazine than anything else there is not enough. I mostly like the painting tips by 'Eavy Metal so usually I can get them from the different part of the book, so it's fine but for the rest... I know it's pretty much a whining post but it's just the feeling I got especially with the last release.
I'm just saying : More w40k in the White Dwarf. It's pretty famous to go on striking in my country and I would but just got the feeling that being the only one won't get the attention of GW...

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