Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Hey, so like everybody those days I'm lunching a blog of my own. I've been playing to 40k for now 4 years. I started during the 4th Edition with AoBR set. I played principally with Marines, Tyranids and Ork at the time. Then I had a break for 2 years but now I'm back to the game. I really enjoy the change brought by the 5th Edition but when I came back after learning all the changes in the rules I just realized that my armies were outdated in their build. So I've been reading a lot of blog out there and gather as much informations as I could and decide that big changes will come. Firstly my armies, I really enjoy my Tyranids but they just destroyed them and it's getting really hard for me to pull anything with them without buying a lot of new stuffs which would be difficult looking at the price of this race. Then I got my ends on the Dark Eldar Codex and I can say that I really enjoy this one, it's full of opportunity and it's really easy to pull out a lot of different build and let's face it, the models are stunning.

And here come the new Necrons, just felt in love with the background and the army list, I got the same feeling for the Necrons that the Dark Eldar, there are for every taste (even if it's a little bit harder to pull something out of the Necrons than the Dark Eldar to my taste. So I just decide that I will start again with them, I ended up buying few units and starting pairing up them. I still have a long way to finish them cause despite how quite they can be painted up if you just go for heavy dry brushes, I wanted something a little big more eye catching. I will upload pictures of them as soon as I get an idea of how to make good pictures.

The blog by itself will be just me gathering my thoughts of the game, rumors and fluff of this universe we all enjoy so much.

That's all for the Introduction,
Stay tuned!


  1. Welcome to the hobby blogging universe. Seen your blog on Faeit212 new comers spotlight and wanted to invite you to join my blog as well and I will add you to my blog roll and join you to increase that all important traffic.

  2. Sure it always nice to share with people. I checked out your blog and there quite a few interesting things in it.