Tuesday, March 6, 2012

1750 Pts to paint up in less than one and half month

The title is pretty explicit, I got a tournament in April 14th and after painting really few of my necrons I just decided that I didn't like much my paint scheme, so I'm going for an other one. After some tweaking I changed my list for the incoming tournament so here the list of stuff I need to paint :
Destroyer Lord & 5 Praetoriens
Command Barge & 2 Annihilation Barge
20 Warriors, 4 Crypteks
30 tiny Scarabs (6 bases)
5 Flayed Ones, C'tan
And all the bases that comes with it.

When you have such a short deadline you have to plan how and what you will paint. That's why I planned some painting time EVERY single day. My painting time will be split in two part, one part for the troops and one part for the Vehicles. That why the army can build up constantly and I can manage more easily if I make some changes in my schedule.
For example : now here you can see my schedule for this project :

As you can see, I will be quite busy but that might be expected for such a short deadline. Here you can see that I got few days where there is few or nothing to do at the end. I will use that time if something went wrong and I need more time to finish up some stuff. It's better to plan a shorter deadline and if you messed up you still can manage (somehow) to finish in time. 
So far I'm following that schedule, but I just started yesterday so it's still quite easy!

I'll keep you tuned with pictures as soon as I finish anything. 
Until then, I would like to get some insight of people who had such a project of really short deadline painting.

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