Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Necrons

Like I already said, I really enjoy the Fluff behind the Necrons and especially the one about Anrakyr The Traveller. The guy is just trying to wake up all the sleepy babies and avenge the one whose been annihilated. I pretty much like the aspect of the lonely knight doing his duty even if all of his kind despite him for it.

From the Hobby side, it's just perfect for me because my paint scheme is pretty dark right now (mostly metallic and red) but with the fluff of Anrakyr I can just add different units from different dynasties so it can cut the monotone feeling of the army. That why my army will be a mix a red and green sleepy robots and I can't wait to see the results on the table top.

I also enjoyed the rule of Anrakyr with the Mind in the Machine especially in a command barge, but the recent FAQ just invalidated it from this use. That's why I will go with a generic Overlord for the purpose (I'm actually really disappointed because I think Anrakyr really lost his use if it's not for Apocalypse game).

I can see that after the awakening of his Tomb World by Anrakyr, Merykar of the Novokh dynasty (my Overlord) totally embrace the cause of Anrakyr and started to travel as well to seek for slumbering Tomb Worlds in hope of rally more and more dynasties behind this objective. He recently help to wake up the Tomb World of the Khryn dynasty and push back an orc offensive on their Tomb World. For that, the Overlord gave a part of his troops to continue the infinite quest of his savior.

In April, I should attend a 1750 pts Tournament, so next time will be my list.
Keep tuned

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