Friday, January 3, 2014

New place and new year

Hey everybody! I've not been really active blog wise for few weeks, I'm sorry for that but I got a good excuse. I got a new place! My own flat with a new job and a new life. Been spending quite some time moving in, but now the worst part of it is done.

I got all my miniatures in place and started to organize my new Hobby corner. It's a lot smaller than what I used to have (a whole room) but I guess it couldn't last forever. Here's what I managed

As you can see I've just done it cause it's soooo clean! It tend to get a bit messy with my painting but hopefully I will keep a better discipline there. The only stuff I need to do now is to put some cardboard to protect the wall. I really don't want to mess it and have to pay later when I will leave the flat. All my paints/weathering products are on the tray on the left of my desk.

With me moving in, I realized how much stuff I owned for the painting/modelling part. It's crazy how many boxes I needed to do just for my hobby. Here's how I put all the unpainted parts and all the products I use for thinning/basing.

And finally I gave myself a treat for my miniatures. My first display cabinet. It's really cheap (took it in IKEA) and it does it's job. Only downside is that I underestimated my collection so I will have to buy a second one. 

Anyway, enough with my new flat. I happen to have found something that I found awesome on my blogroll yesterday. The original idea come from ROW40k and it's about making a system of point that allow to reward yourself with money to spend on the Hobby when you finish to paint something. I think it's a great way to motivate oneself with painting. I will use this system to "force" me to paint so the more I paint the more stuff I get (and like everybody I want a lot!).

Here's the chart I will use for the points :

Basic Points:

25mm base : 1 pt
40mm base : 3 pts
60mm base : 6 pts
Monstrous Creature/Dreadnought : 15 pts
Small Vehicle/Flyer : 10 pts
Large Vehicle/Flyer : 20 pts
Super Heavy : 40 pts
Titan : 60 pts + 20 pts for each weapon

Extra Points:

Character : +2 pts
Magnetized weapons : +0.5 pts per weapons
Basing : +0.5 pts per model
New technique attempted : +5 pts per technique
Transfers/Unit marking : +1 pt per unit
Battle damage : +1 pt per unit / + 5 pts per Vehicle
Weathering : +1 pt per unit / +5 pts per Vehicle
Gore : +1 pt per unit
Completed unit : +2 pts per unit

Each point accomplished will earn me 2€ to spend on my Hobby. This include paint/miniatures/extra stuff. I will make update with the number of point made. I can't wait to see at the end of the year how many points did I gather. If you like this idea, share is with your friends and/or adapt it with your paint style or budget.

Take care guys.