Sunday, April 8, 2012

1750 Points in 1 week!

Hey guys, long time no see, I was busy with my life and it took place on my hobby time but I guess you all know how it works. And I just end up with this situation : I have to pint my all army in one week.

Knowing that I will have to work my ass on for this project I decided to do some small investment I been to the closest handyman shop and bought two lamp with light bubble to have no shadows and real colors to work with.
Here how my set up looks like :

Then I made myself a Wet Palette, which is a must to anyone who have some paint job to do, I could keep my paint wet for a week!

After that let's get painted! Having only a week to do my job, I can't have too high expectation so I'll follow this mindset : first have a global look on my army, then if I got time I'll get more in details for each unit. Pretty simple you might say but I think it's important to do something like that and don't get too focus on the details for now.

Some of my Lava bases in their process, I stop them after I got a simple transition of colors (which you can't see on this picture), I hope I'll get some time to add more details like lava flow.

Here my 3 barges after a first dry brush, I used the new Dry paint from the new GW line, I'll give my thoughts on the new line later.

Here after a first wash.

So I have to come back to my paint job, and for sure this time I'll keep you tuned with my work, because I have to!

Did you guys also had such a short deadline to paint an army, feel free to share your experience and tips.