Sunday, December 22, 2013

Farsight Enclave Battle Report

Hey guys. Once again I don't do as planned. It should have been a 30k battle report but it ended up with normal 40k game. So it was 1500 pts of Farsight against Renegade Guard in a non competitive set up. As I want to expend into my Farsight Enclave, I decided to brought a list with the models I had and with as much as I could painted ones.

Here's the list :

Cadre Fireblade

10 Fire Warriors
3 Crisis all with double missile pod, target lock, 4 marker drones and 2 shield drones
2 Crisis all with double fusion blaster, target lock, 1 shield drone

Fast Attack
Sunshark Bomber with twin-linked missile pod, blacksun filter, decoy launcher

Heavy Support
2 Broadsides with HYMP, SMS, advanced targeting system and 4 missile drones
Hammerhead with Longstrike and submunition round
SkyRay with blacksun filter

Renegade Guard (I'm not an expert so sorry for the mistakes in the list)
Command Squad with 4 veterans with plasma gun and primaris psycher 

5 Ogryns

2 Command platoon
4 Troops squad 
1 Chimera
1 Drop troop

Fast Attack
Sentinel (proxy Blight Drone)

Heavy Support
Leman Russ Executioner with Pax in it

We got Big gun Never tire, Hammer & Anvil deployment. Night Fight with 4 objectives as shown. He roll for his warlord trait and get -1 to my reserve roll. We placed the 4 objective in the middle of the board so the game would be more interesting and we would have to go for it. Only one objective was closer to one board edge so one would be lucky.

As you can see, on the grim dark future, there is only Lego ;)

He got to deploy where he wanted and chose the board edge closer to the objective. He also got first turn

Here is after deployment. His manticore and griffon are hided behind buildings.

So I had the Torchstar/crisis unit in front close enough to do something. Broadside and hammerhead on one side, skyRay and fire warriors on the other side. I fail to seize.

Guard turn 1 :
Pax leman russ do 15 wounds only loose 2 shield drones
Ogrý sentinel 3 wounds on broadside but made all their cover save
Guard shoot at torchstar but save all
Guard shoot at fire warrior killing one
Guard concentrate shoot at fire warrior killing two
Manticore kill all but torchstar pinning test ok
Griffon kill 3 fire warrior pinning test failed

Here's the picture after guard turn 1

Tau turn 1 
Skyray put one markerlight on leman russ
Hammerhead penetrate but cover save is made on leman russ
Broadside on chimera put 2 penetrating and 3 glancing only one glancing go through

Here's the picture after Tau turn 1

Guard turn 2
Valkyries fell to arrive
Sentinel shoot at torchstar but saves are made
Guard shoot 30 times killing torchstar
Guard kill one fire warrior
Guard kill one fire warrior
Command squad kill one fire warrior
Guard kill one of the broadside drone
Primaris fail his psychic test
Pax leman russ put 13 wounds on broadside who make all his 2+ save
Grifon shoot at broadside but saves are made
Manticore immobolize hammerhead

Here's picture after guard turn 2

Tau turn 2
Farsight arrive behind griffon take off his big gun
Shoot dead manticore
Fire warrior and sky ray kill 4 guard
Broadside wipe out guard on objective
Hammerhaed only glance chimera...

Here's picture after tau turn 2

Guard turn 3 
Valkyrie arrive
Fusiongun team try to land from valkiry but meet their death in the scatter
Ogryn disembark from chimera
Primaris fail his psychic test
Sentinel weef
Guard and grifon do nothong to farsight
Everything else shoot at farsight and kill all crisis and put him down to 2 wounds
Guard kill last fire warrior, 1 wounds left on fire cadre
Chimera put one wound on broadside
Ogryn charge hammerhead overwatch kill one ogryn and fail their charge

Here's picture for guard turn 3

Tau turn 3
Sunshark bomber arrive
Bomb ogryn
Farsight kill gryfon
Sky ray take off multilaser and shake the valkiry
Fire cadre kill 3 guard
Sunsharj kill sentinel
Sunshark drone kill some command squad and guard with their blast
Hammerhead take off vanquisher cannon
Broadside shoot at ogryn only one guy left who fail morale test
All the other test pass thanks to banner reroll

Here's picture of tau turn 3

Guard turn 4
Valkiry go back in reserve
Vanquisher move
Guard and command squad take one wound on farsight
Guard shoot at farsight double six on save!
Chimera shoot at farsight, save passed!
Vanquisher kill both sunshark drones
Guard kill fire cadre 
Primaris fail psychic test
Guard kill three missile drones

Here's picture of guard turn 4

Tau turn 4
Sunshark doesn't generate any more bombs
Broadside kill 5 guard test is good
Skyray kill 2 guys fail morale test
Sunshark kill vanquisher
Hammerhead penetrate chimera but cover save is made
Farsight charge command squad kill the warlord and run down the rest. Consolidate 6" into building

Here's picture of tau turn 4

Guard turn 5
Valkiry arrive
Both guard and ogryn fail to rally and run to their mother land

Forgot pictures for guard turn 5

Tau turn 5
Hammerhead and sunshark kill one guard on objective they flee out of it
Broadside kill all guard on objective
Sky ray kill 4 guys but the leader hold

Here's picture of tau turn 5

And the game is over as a 1 is rolled.
Guard got 1 point for first blood, 1 point for Slay the Warlord, 1 Point for Linebreaker (Primaris psycher) and he hold 1 objective which is worth 3 points so 6 in total
Tau got 1 point for Slay the Warlord and 3 points for each Heavy Support choice destroyed, so 4 in total
Guard Victory!

So if the game would have continue I would have won but I made some key mistakes so I don't mind.

What've learned during that game :
I should have hided torchstar unit and use their mobility even if I would have wasted turn 1. They were the key unit of my list and loosing them first turn really was a big deal.
Farsight is pretty nice with his buddy to wreck havoc where's needed.
Hammerhead with long strike is still too random for the price. Next time, I will try hammerhead with ion cannon
Sunshark bomber is really nice. Despite all the "hate" our flyers are getting (I understand it might not be the best unit point for point) it is useful in ALL my games. I will continue to field it.
I love Farsight Enclave, it plays different than normal Tau and I can really see myself fielding exclusive farsight army.

I should get a 1850 pts games this week but with a more competitive set up so I might bring some more goodies :)

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