Thursday, January 26, 2012

An other funky scenario agains Tyranids

Hey guys, an other play testing for my next tournament this time it was against Tyranids and an other scenario. After reading quite a lot about the Null Deployment theory we wanted to try out this new way of fielding one of my favorite army.
So let's begin with the scenario :
Deployment : Dawn of War
5 Objectives : one in the center of the board and one in the center of each table quarter.
- Objectives held in our deployment zone are worth 1 point
- Objectives held in our opponent deployment zone are worth 2 points
- Objective in the center is worth 3 points
- Only one objective can be held by a unit.

My friend list, we were both working on it because as a Tyranids player it was a really interesting exercise, we ended up with that :
HQ : Hive Tyrant : Wings, Hive Commander

Elite : The Doom of Malan'tai

Troops : 20 Termagants in Mycetic Spore
20 Termagants in Mycetic Spore
15 Genestealers
15 Genestealers

Fast Attack :
6 Raveners : Rending Claws
6 Raveners : Rending Claws

Heavy Support :
Trygon Prime : Adrenal Gland

1750 pts

I'm taking the same Necrons list and we'll see how it fare against the big bugs.

The Board : 3 pieces of terrain in the upper part of the board, 3 in the middle line and 2 in the lower part.
Necron win the roll of, I decided to go 2nd to grab some late game objectives. The Tyranids took the upper part of the board even if he held everything in reserve.
Deployment : I push everything as fare as I can on my side of the board. The Command Barge and the Warriors are close to the center objective and the Immortals close to the left one of my side of the board.

Tyranids turn 1:
Nothing happened he got everything in reserve

Necrons turn 1:
Movement : The Scarabs and the C'tan took position in cover in the center of my zone. The Wraiths went left with a Ghost Ark. Both Annihilation Barge zoomed 24" on the right to get a good position. The other Ghost Ark went to the right as well. Warriors and Immortals moved up in cover. The Command Barge move forward a little bit.
Shooting : I ran couple of stuff and pop the Solar Pulse

Tyranids turn 2:
The Tyrant, both brood of Gants, the Trygon Prime, one brood of Ravener and the Doom are coming in from reserve.
Movement : The Hive Tyrant landed on the right side close to my Ghost Ark and Annihilation Barges. Trygon landed in cover in the upper part of the board after scattering 11" backward. Both Gants brood landed on each of my zone objectives. The Doom scattered a little bit forward and landed close to my scarabs. And the Raveners landed pretty much in the center but couldn't get into cover.
Shooting : Trygon, Raveners, Tyrant ran forward. The mycetic spore and the Gant on the left side shot at my Immortals killing two of them but they both got back up. The Doom shot at the Scarabs putting two wounds on a base but loosing 3 due to its power, its mycetic spore killed one base.

Necrons turn 2:
Movement : Command Barge moved 12" over the Trygon causing 2 wounds on him and the Overlord disembarked ready for assault. The Scarabs closed the distance between the Doom and them. The Wraiths on the left side went more center to get to the Raveners. The C'tan went to the direction of the Tyrant. The Ghost Ark on the right moved 6" to target the Raveners and the left one did the same to target the Gants. The Annihilation Barge moved so they can get clear shot on both Tyrant and Raveners.
Shooting : On the left side, the Immortals, the Ghost Ark and the Warriors inside shot at the Gants killing 12 of them but they passed their leadership. In the center, Ghost Ark and the Warriors inside + the Warriors on foot shot at the Raveners killing 3 of them. Both Annihilation Barge shot at the Tyrant causing 2 wounds.
Assault : The Overlord assaulted the Trygon, Mindshackle Scarabs test passed by the Trygon, then the Overlord passed his invul saves and put two more wounds on the Trygon. The Wraiths assaulted the Raveners putting 5 wounds on them and getting none in return. The last Raveners died due to Fearless saves. They consolidated 4" in cover. Scarabs assaulted the Doom loosing one base and putting one wound on him. The C'tan then assaulted the Tyrant loosing two wounds but causing one so the Tyrant is down to one wound.

Tyranids turn 3:
The rest of his army come in. Both outflanking Genestealers rolled for the right side.
Movement : One brood of Genestealers came on the upper part and the other on the lower part behind the Termagants. The Raveners landed on the left Objective of his deployment zone. The left Gants are subject to instinctive behavior while the right side brood passed his Ld check.
Shooting : Raveners and the Geneastealers in his zone ran in cover. The left Gants and their Mycetic spore shot at the Immortal doing nothing. The right Gants were out of range of the Warriors on the center objective.
Assault : Scarabs took 1 wound while getting the Doom down to 2 wounds. The C'tan finished off the Tyrant and consolidated in direction of the Gants. The Trygon failed his Mindshackle Scarabs test but didn't hit himself but the Overlord succeed to put a wound on him.

Necrons turn 3:
Movement : The Wraiths moved left to counter the Raveners. Both Annihilation Barge on the right moved to get clear shot on the Genestealers. C'tan moved close to the Gants and the Doom.
Shooting : The Warriors inside the Ghost Ark on the left side shot at the Mycetic Spore instakilling and the sponsons of the Ark killing one Gant. The Immortals and the Warriors on the center shot at them as well killing 4 more. The Gant then failed their Ld check and felt back 3". Both Annihilation Barge shot at the Genestealers in the open killing 5 of them, and they failed their Ld check... falling back of 4". And the Ghost Ark and the Warriors inside shot at the Gants killing 12 of them and the also failed their Ld check, falling back of 4" as well.
Assault : The Doom was slain by the Scarabs, they consolidated in cover. The C'tan assaulted the Doom's Mycetic Spore killing it and consolidated 5" in direction of the Genestealers so they would be within 6" of  him. The Trygon got Mindshackled again but didn't hurt himself but the Overlord finished him off.

Tyranid turn 4:
At that point with the Gants and Genestealers being accompanied off the board. We just saw that in the best scenario my opponent could get 4 points and I assured 5 so we called the game.

It was a really interesting game, I really like the idea of the Null Zone Deployment for the Tyranid, if you could have seen my face when he landed all his bug in front of me I wouldn't think it will ended up this way. I think his list need more work cause the problem with Tyranids is the point cost. It's impossible to squeeze everything we want into the list so every element need to work perfectly. I think he will need some more Synapse cause it was a problem for the Gants and Raveners with only the Tyrant and Prime covering this field. My army did unexpected well but I need more games to really get everything from it.

The Scenario is quite interesting as well cause you are always calculating in your head how many points will I get if I try to get this objective, wouldn't be more cautious to keep the one in my zone, can I hold the center one?

What you think can help us for the Tyranids list and what about the outcome of this battle?

PS : just realized I completely forgot about the Flayed Ones...

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