Friday, March 16, 2012

Dark Eldars Vs Necrons Battle Report

Hey guys, I was playing with the Idea of WWP list with Grots. When I checked synaps3 blog and he's beautiful army I just get this bump of "I want to do something like that as well". So I started to make a 1750 list taking in account his advices, and ended up with something like that :
Archon : Agonizer, Blast Pistol, Combat drugs, PGL, Haywire Grenades
Haemonculus : liquifier, WWP
Haemonculus Ancient : Agonizer, Casket of Flensing, WWP
8 Grotesques : Abberation with Scissorhand.
5 Warriors : blaster
5 Warriors : blaster
7 Wyches : Hekatrix with Agonizer
7 Wyches : Hekatrix with Agonizer
5 Scourges : 2 blaster
5 Scourges : 2 Heat-lance
Beast Pack : 3 Beast Master, 1 Clawed Fiends, 5 Khymera, 2 Razorwing Flocks
Talos : chain-flails, TL Heat-lance
Talos : chain-flails, TL Heat-lance

I asked my buddy if he could play this army (lot of proxy of course) against my 1750 tournament list which can be found here. So let's check how both army works.

Fairly cover on all the table, Seize ground with 4 objective. One center, one on the left and two on the right. Spearhead deployment, DE win the roll off and decide to go on the right bottom corner, letting the Necrons with the less cover corner. 

Drugs : reroll to wound, DE deployment, Grotesque Haemi, and Archon deploys as much in front as possible, spreading to get a Haemi on each side of the pack.

Necrons deployment, 
Scarabs in front in cover ready to shield. Both AB in front to shoot. One squad of warrior in cover on the back with GA on the side. On the Center, a little bit in the back Warriors,GA, DL and praetorian + C'tan to counter charge.
Flayed Ones, in reserve

No size

DE Turn 1 : Grotesque pack advance 6", both Haemi unleash WWP, one is close to center objective, the other on the right side.

Necrons Turn 1 : WA, GA, DL & Praetorians, C'tan move to the right. CCB Zoom on the right, Scarabs spread to shield AB. The rest stay stationary
All the shooting kill a Grotesque, The Abberation lost a wound, the normal Haemi lost a wound, and a grotesque is down to one Wound.
They're really resilient

DE turn 2:
Reserve roll : One wyches, one kabalites warriors, Scourges with Heat lance, one Talos get in.
Grotesque move forward center, Wyches goes form the right WWP to get cover close the upper right objective. Kabalite come from table edge to get the bottom objective later. Talos come from left WWP.
Wyches run 6" in cover. Grots, Kabalite, Talos run 5" forward. Scourges destroy the CCB, Overlord pass pinning check.

Necrons turn 2 : Flayed Ones come. They go on the right where the Kabalite are in the open. Both AB move back. WA, DL & Praetorians, C'tan move backward a little bit. Overlord move in cover on the right close to the wyches  Scarabs move to engage the grots.
C'tan and Wa shoot to death the Scourges. Both AB, 3 Wa squads shoot at the Talos but only put 3 Wounds on him. GA rapid fire the Wyches in cover killing 2 of them.
Flayed assault the Kabalite unit, killing them all without loosing any of them.  Overlord assault Wyches killing one of them and don't get any wound on him even with the reroll!
Scarabs assault the grots, the Haemi/Archon/Grots put 10 wounds on them before they can attack, all the attack of three bases go on the archon, he fails one of his save, his Shadow Field is gone. Then one more dies and an other is down to one wound because of fearless save. But they've done their job, the grots are locked for the next turn.

DE turn 3 : 
Reserve roll : everything comes except for the second wyches unit.
Talos comes from right WWP to charge the Overlord in combat with Wyches. Beast Pack come from the left WWP. Kabalite come from table edge to shoot the Flayed ones. 1st Talos move toward the AB. Scourge comes closer to the GA on the left.
Talos shoot Heat-lance at the AB destroying it. Kabalite rapid fire the Flayed killing one who didn't come back. Beast Pack run 5" forward. Scourges don't succeed at doing anything to the GA
Wyches put a wound on the Overlord, then he put one on the Talos eventually dying from the Talos attacks. Talos and Wyches consolidate in direction of the objective. Grots finish off the scarabs and consolidate forward.

Necrons turn 3 :
C'tan come closer to the Talos on the right objective. AB, WA, DL & Prae move backward. GA get in position to rapid fire the wyches on the objective. The other to rapid fire the beast pack. Flayed ones move to charge Kabalite.
C'tan shoot at the Talos but he saves thanks to FNP. GA and WA inside shoot at the Wyches in cover killing them all. Cryptek from WA on the top of the board finish the last wound from the first Talos. AB shoot the grots and kill one. One squad of WA, GA and the WA inside shoot at the Beast Pack and Scourges , killing 3 Khymera and putting a wound on Clawed Fiends and both Razorwing Flocks, the scourges die from the firepower.  The beast Pack pass moral check.
C'tan assaults the Talos, then both inflict a wound on each other. The Flayed Ones assault the Kabalite and wipe them out consolidating a little bit backward in case the wyches comes from the portal.

DE turn 4 :
Wyches comes from reserve. Grots move forward. Beast get closer to the warrior squad in cover. Wyches get in cover on the bottom right objective. 
The Ancient Haemi shoot his Casket of Flensing at the WA in front of the DL & Praetorian. But roll 1 to the Dice for wound. Even the blast pistol from the Archon doesn't wound the squad.  Beast Pack run in direction of the WA in cover.
Beast Pack needed a five to assault the WA but only get 4 out of three dices. C'tan and Talos look at each other but don't put succeed to wound the other one.

Necrons Turn 4 :
GA on the right move to get the Wyches which came from reserve in range.  Flayed ones move toward the Wyches. Left GA move between objective to get Beast Pack in rapid fire. AB move backward. DL & Praetorian get close to the Grots to charge.
One wych dies from the GA. WA + WA/GA rapid fire on the Beast Pack killing all the Beastmaster, Clawed fiends and putting several wounds on the razowings. They don't pass the moral test and fall back of 7".  WA/AB/Praetorian shoot the grots, killing one and normal Haemi. 
C'tan put a wound on the Talos, he's down to one, the Talos pass ld check.  DL move to engage the Archon and Abberation, the mindshackle choose randomly between Anciant Haemi, Abberation and Archon, get the archon and fail his test. He finishes off a grots. Then grots and  Haemi Ancient attacks killing the DL and two Praetorians. Praetorians kill the Archon. One dies from fearless but then DL and 2 Praetorians get back up. Flayed Ones don't succeed to assault the Wyches in cover.

DE Turn 5 :
Wyches move to engage the Flayed ones. Beast Pack can't rally because of the GA less than 6" away and fall back 12".
C'tan and Talos fail to wound each other. Mindshackle a grot who puts a wound on his buddy. Ancient Heami kills the DL with his Agonizer, then the grots attacks the Praetorians, and none of them are dead. Praetorians passed 8 3+ saves and then finish off a grot. DE loose combat but pass ld check. DL doesn't come back. Wyches charge Flayed Ones wiping them out and consolidate back in cover on the objective. 

Necrons Turn 5 :
WA in cover move in direction of the left objective, WA from the center GA disembark and move on the center objective. The GA move 12" in direction of the right Wyches to get in range. RIght GA get in range of Rapid Fire. Top Warriors move clove to the Big Assault.
GA on the left and Rapid Fire from GA/WA don't kill any wyches with their 4+ cover save and FNP. Left WA run and grab left objective.
C'tan and Talos still look at each other. Grots and Haemi Ancient finish off the Praetorians and consolidate on the left objective. 

We roll off to see if the game end and it's a 1. So at the end it's 2-1 objectives for the Necrons.

So a really close game, with a lot of stressful moment. Like always my Necrons surprise me, when it comes to the first 2-3 turn I always think how I'm gonna pull off something from all the threat that are in front of me? But Necrons being pretty resilient if you apply coordinate fire power they can really shine. About this game I think I've done pretty good choices to hold back as much as I could and play the mission. I focused on the troops of my friends because I know they're not that tough. I also used my superior speed with my GA which is pretty ironic when you think that my Necrons were faster than the DE. My luck in my dice especially when the Praetorian charged the Grots and hold them longer than I expected really helped. I'm learning more and more every time I'm playing my Necrons (which doesn't happen as much as I would like to), theory hammer is nice but nothing is better than experience. 

About my DE list, I also learn quite a lot, I think I will wait until the 6th edition before buying for more than 100€ of Grots but I really enjoyed how the army turned out. Even if my friend made few mistakes with the army, it's normal for a first time playing it, I would have done the same. There is so much possibilities on the deployment thanks to WWP. The grots mob is really hard to put down even if it's sooooo slow. The DE are really a glass canon army, when they strike they strike hard but can't get much fire power back at them. After I finish my Necrons for the different tournaments I should participate I will have fun painting. I will probably paint a Tyranids unit then DE units so I don't get bored about it. 

And here some WIP of my Ghost Ark, this guy take forever to paint with so many pieces to paint separately. Hopefully I'll finish it this week.


  1. Love the battle report. Seems DE have a bit of an uphill battle because of just how durable they are. Have you tried the doomsday arks ? They are amazing if played well. Come over to my blog and check them out.

  2. I have never tried the Doomsday Ark so far, because I tend to find them pretty expensive for what they to, of course it's theoretical. So I will check out your blog to get more idea of what they can do. I can also say that the Ghost/Doomsday Ark is really a devil kit and doing 2 of them right now, I don't feel I want to have an other kit in my hand for a while ;)

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