Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dark Art Miniatures Lava Bases Review

Hey guys, now that my girlfriend is back to her country I can focus on the Hobby. For my ongoing Necrons army I decided to go for some resin bases. It's the first time I'm using some of them. I ordered quite a lot of the Lava Bases from Dark Art Miniatures. Let's have a look on them.

Two things made me chooses them. They have a lot of different cuts and doesn't look to much like each other (one of the problem I found in other companies) and the price which is really attractive for resin bases. They propose a bundle which make them even cheaper.

Something like two weeks later I received my order at my place and was really excited to open the bag.

So far I'm really pleased with this product. There are really few amount of mold flash. There are some small casting issues like air bubbles but when I see the overall quality of this product I can't complain. I'm currently painting some of them to have an idea of how it's turn out. The pictures will follow really soon.

So once again I can just recommend you to have a try for resin bases and this particular company. It's really looks better than just some sand and tufts on a base. For sure there are some really nice DIY bases but if you're like me and your modeling skills are quite limited just go for it, you won't be disappointed.

Now a question for you guys. I got those 60mm bases that I want to use for my flyers and my Destroyer Lord but I don't know how to drill the base. What tool should I use for the drilling part? Should I wait before painting them? Or I can just paint them and drill afterward? 
Please share your experience with me!

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