Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1750 pts Tournament List

So a 1750 pts Tournament. In my country (France) a lot of the event are restrictive when it comes to list building, most of the time it's not possible to fill up the slot with the same entry or when it is allowed it comes with a huge penalty. So it comes down to us to make a choice, ultra competitive with all the restrictions that come with it or a more open but which can struggle against better list building (of course the opponent is a big factor as well). I personally don't really mind most of the time cause I usually build my army around one or two units that I like because of their rules, models or fluff.

That's why here I started with Anrakyr for the reason I have started before, but because of the recent FAQ I can't use him as I planned to. Here comes Merykar and his followers. So now, let's talk about the list :

HQ :
Overlord (Merykar) : Warscythe, Mindshackle Scarabs, Phase Shifter, Sempiternal Weave, Cattacomb Command Barge 255 pts

Royal Court :
3 Cryptek : Harbinger of Destruction 105 pts
1 Cryptek : Harbinger of Destruction, Solar Pulse 55 pts

Elite :
C'Tan Shard : Writhing Worldscape, Lord of Fire 230 pts
5 Flayed ones : 65 pts

Troops :
5 Necron Warriors : 65pts
+ Ghost Ark 115 pts
5 Necron Warriors : 65pts
+ Ghost Ark 115 pts
5 Necron Warriors : 65pts
5 Necron Immortals : Tesla Carbines 85 pts

Fast Attack :
8 Canoptek Scarabs : 120 pts
6 Canoptek Wraiths : 2 Whip Coils 230 pts

Heavy Support :
Annihilation Barge : 90 pts
Annihilation Barge : 90 pts

Total : 1750 pts

So here the strategy : it's pretty straight forward, shoot shoot shoot. I keep my Wraiths and C'Tan Shard in the backfield with my troops in case something too frightening (which is almost anything against my troops) come by. I use the power of the C'Tan to make additional casualty  while the opponent advance. The Annihilation Barge is one of my favorite unit in this codex, I think that for 90 pts it's really a bargain for the dakka we got. The Overlord can zoom forward and try to sweep some juicy target before being blown up or stay back at the beginning wait for that the opponent come to me. I gear him so he can also handle small unit by himself, he can be pretty nasty in fact.
The Flayed ones are pretty bad in the current edition, but in my list they will help lower my comp value and hopefully frighten some backfield devastator for example. I actually love the model even if I think they are overpriced but anyway I'll get at least one unit for the pleasure of painting.
And finally I got the scarabs and troops, the scarabs are pretty much here if there is AV 14 and if not to eat one transport before getting flamed to death. The troop can provide a decent amount of fire and is pretty versatile. I can use the cryptek to aim for transport and the warrior can also help on that (even if don't really count on it). I got one unit of Immortal because on my previous list I had Anrakyr and that made them automatically Pyrrhian Eternals but now they will just bring a small bump in fire power where need.

That's pretty much it, what do you think about the list, some improvement, or things I missed?
Keep tuned

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