Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Triarch Praetorian

Hey guys, been a while, like everybody I got an excuse for not getting post in time, this time it's my girlfriend who came to visit me. But back to the main subject : Triarch Praetorian. When I first saw the model I was like wow they look so nice with their special jump pack. But as soon as I rode their stats line I just though that I will never use them. I mean when we see their point cost and what they do the normal reaction would be why this guys do even exist when the Wraiths can do everything they do and better? So point for point it's pretty obvious but the last few days I just came back with an idea I had for a while : using Praetorians with Destroyer lord.
So yes this unit is expensive at 390 pts a pop but it really impressed me so far. I use Void Blade and Particle Caster on my Praetorians and I put Mindshackle Scarabs, Weave and Res orb on the D-Lord. This unit is really a good answer to pretty much everything. I mean it can take after vehicles and infantry. Yes I said infantry. Everybody says that they suck, and by themselves I agree but with the D-Lord they become much scarier.
This unit can use the pistol so soften if lucky the unit they want to assault. I will usually got my full squad to the opponent face thanks to the high mobility they got (here avoiding landing on terrain is important because at 40 pts a pop you don't want to lose a guy for a miserable roll of one). I don't care if I assault through cover or no because anyway they will hit last. They will probably loose a couple of guys before striking back and they can kill a couple of guys as well with their attacks.
But it's not where they are interesting, it's because they bring along the D-Lord. He's the one who's gonna make the damage with his 4 attacks on charge with preferred enemy (everything) you are sure to land at least 3 attacks and with strength 7 it's most likely to be 3 dead guys. Then you have Mindshackle which can wreck havoc for you opponent because a main force of his unit is used against him adding more damage.
What I've been reading is the Praetorian sucks because they can't assault energy weapon units and I say why not?! Sure if it's a unit of 10 I wouldn't try but a normal unit of 5 I'm not afraid. With the mindshackle of the D-Lord and the toughness 5 of the Praetorian it's unlikely that the whole squad will get slaughtered. Even if I loose combat the Fearless come in handy. And then I got the Reanimation protocol on 4+ thanks to the D-Lord.
This unit became really useful for me because my Necrons army being pretty shooty sometimes I have to buy myself a turn or two when something is closing the distance between both battle lines. And this combination just fill that roll perfectly for me. Sure it's expensive but it's can really surprise my opponent and it's more of a swiss knife.
It takes an Elite slot which free up a Fast Attack one. I think (like a lot of people out there) that the Fast Attack slot is the more interesting one of the codex so having one more of there is still welcomed.
The only thing that I need to be careful is the casualty this unit can take, I mean if I feel that they can kill the 5 of my praetorian in the same phase I won't bet them. Because I need at least one of the guy standing up to use my Reanimation Protocol, other than that I'm really pleased by this surprising unit.
What do you guys think about that? Still not worth Wraiths? Or just too expensive? Just leave a comment on your thoughts
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