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Tournament mission play test Battle Report

Yesterday with my buddy we tried out the first mission of my next tournament. It looks something like this :
Deployment : Pitched Battle
Objective :
- Each unit in the middle line at the end of the game is worth 1 point
- Each unit in the enemy deployment zone at the end of the game is worth 2 points
- A dedicated transport can't get a point if its unit is still on the board
- A scoring unit is worth one more point, if the unit is destroyed, the dedicated transport is only worth 1 point
- A unit can only be in one zone even if it spread out

It's a 1750 points game, I'm bringing my Necrons list I described before and my buddy is bringing his new Blood Angels. He's quite new with this army so he just brought what he thought is cool (this tournament is not a hardcore/WAAC one so it's fine).
His list :
Librarian Dreadgnouht
2 sanguinary priest : each with power weapon and jump pack
10 ASM : jump packs, 2 meltagun and Sergeant with power fist
10 ASM : jump packs, 2 meltagun and Sergeant with power fist
6 ASM : meltagun + LasPlas Razorback
6 ASM : meltagun + LasPlas Razorback
Vindicator : dozer blade
Vindicator : dozer blade

I don't have pictures because we were using a lot of proxy in this game mostly because I didn't finished to build my different sprues. It annoys me when I see battle report with proxy so I decided to skip taking pictures.

The Board : On the lower part of the table there are 3 pieces of terrain, 2 on the upper part and 3 other in the middle even if closer to the upper part.

I win the roll off so I decided to take the upper part of the board because I will need to cross the table and the terrain in this zone will help me to keep my guys alive.

Deployment :
Necrons deployment :
I deployed the Immortals and the C'tan in a piece of terrain on the left with the Command Barge and one Annihilation Barge behind. On the right side I putted one squad of Warriors in front ready to get into terrain next turn. I then putted the other Annihilation Barge on the right side as well and the Wraith in a piece of terrain behind the Warriors in case of emergency. Then I putted one Ghost Ark on each side of the table ready to zoom forward. And finally the scarabs are in the middle ready to get in a terrain next turn and then eat as much vehicle as possible before dying miserably. I decided to keep my Flayed ones in reserve so hopefully they will come late and get into his deployment zone via outflanking.

Blood Angels deployment :
On the right side, he decided to put Mephiston in a piece of terrain and the Dreadnought near by. One Razorback and Vindicator are in cover right behind them. On the left side, he putted the other Razorback and Vindicator in cover as well. He decided to keep his two jump pack ASM in reserve to get in my deployment zone or where they will be needed.
He rolled for Red Thirst and got one of the jump pack unit.

Necrons Turn 1:
Movement : I just move everything forward, the Warriors squad get into cover, the Command Barge go flat out into the center of the board.
Shooting : The Annihilation Barge on the right side shot Mephiston putting 7 wounds on him, he saved 3, he's now down to 2. Then 2 Cryptek from two unit of Warriors shot at him but only taking one wound, so he's down to 1 wound after first turn. The Scarabs run into terrain and spread out because of the Vindicator, I then decided to use my Solar Pulse

Blood Angels Turn 1:
Movement: On the right side, Mephiston and the Dreadnought cast Wings of Sanguinius and move forward, Mephiston in direction of the Command Barge and the Dreadnought in direction of the Warriors.   Both Vindicators move 12" to get as close as possible to be sure to get in range with Night Fight. Both Razorback move 6" but staying in cover.
Shooting : Mephiston ran to be in range for assaulting, Dreadnought pop smoke. The Vindicator on the left side shot at the Scarabs, scattered a little bit but still got 4 hits, but all of them are saved with cover save. The other Vindicator is just out of range thanks to the Solar Pulse. Both Razorbacks are out of range as well.

Necrons Turn 2:
The Flayed One decided so stay in reserve for this turn.
Movement : The Command Barge fly over Mephiston and kill him, and then get closer to the Dreadgnouht and Merykar disembarked. Everything move forward except for the Annihilation Barge on the right which just move back a little bit.
Shooting : The Ghost Ark shot at the Vindicator got one glance and Immobilized it (lucky) the Warriors inside Shook it. On the left side, the other Annihilation Barge shot at the Razorback get one pen and two glance, only one pen get through and it's weapon destroyed. C'tan ran 6" forward, Scarabs as well to assault the Vindicator. The Immortals ran into cover. On the right side two Cryptek shot at the Razorback but he made his cover saves. The Annihilation Barge shot the Dreadnought couldn't get through the adamantium plates.
Assault : Scarabs assaulted the Vindicator, got 9 hits, then lower the armor of 6. I got 2 glance and 7 pen. It ended up with the Vindicator being wrecked. The Scarabs consolidated 5". The Overlord assaulted the Dreadgnought, it goes first and put one wound on the Overlord but he passed his invul, then the Overlord swung his Warscythe and get one pen and one glance, the Dreadnought is Immobilized and Shaken.

Blood Angels Turn 2:
Both Jump Packs ASM came from reserve.
Movement : Deepstrike one ASM in the center of my deployment zone just behind my ghost ark and the other one on the left side of my deployment zone behind my Annihilation Barge. On the left side, the ASM disembarked and get into terrain (one dead because of the C'tan power) and the Razorback move 12" forward. On the right side, the Razorback zoomed forward and pop smoke and the Shaken Vindicator pop smoke as well.
Shooting : The disembarked ASM unit shot at the Scarabs taking one flock from bolter shots. On the left side, the jump pack ASM shot at the Annihilation Barge exploding it. The other jump pack ASM shot at the Ghost Ark and exploded it as well killing two Warriors but one stand back up.
Assault : The combat between the Dreadnought and the Overlord continues and nothing happened.

Necrons Turn 3:
The Flayed Ones decided to show up.
Movement : The Flayed ones popped on the left side of the board ready to assault the disembarked ASM. C'tan move backward in direction of the deepstruck ASM. The Immortals and both Warriors move forward. On the right side the Annihilation barge and Ghost Ark move forward, the Wraiths get closer to the ASM for assault. On the left side the Scarabs get ready to assault the ASM.
Shooting : Ghost Ark shot the Vindicator, got 2 glance, weapon destroyed and immobilized so it ended up wrecked. The Warriors inside shot at the Razorback but nothing happened. 2 Cryptek from two units of Warriors shot at the ASM in the center and killed one. On the left side, the Immortals shot at the ASM and killed 2, the Annihilation Barge failed to add any number to those casualties.
Assault : C'tan assaulted the ASM on the left side killing 3 of them and got no wound back. The Wraiths assaulted the ASM in the center. Two died before even having the chance to hit but they still killed two of the marines and then passed their Ld test. The Flayed Ones and the Scarabs ganged up on the small squad of ASM killing all but the Sergeant and got only one wound back on the Scarabs. The Sergeant failed his Ld test and died from No Retreat. The Scarabs consolidated in direction of the Razorback and the Flayed Ones spread out in cover. The combat between the Overlord and the Dreadnought continues.

Blood Angels Turn 3:
On the right side, the Razorback move 6" and the ASM disembarked. On the left side, the other Razorback move 12" in my deployment zone.
Shooting : ASM shot a meltagun at the Annihilation barge on the right and get its Tesla Destructor out. The Razorback shot at the Warriors killing 2 but they passed their Ld test.
Assault : Finally the Overlord wrecked the Dreadnought and consolidated 3" in direction of the ASM. The Wraith killed 1 marine and one wound is putted on one of them. C'tan killed 4 marines and got nothing back. They failed their Ld test and the Sergeant died to No Retreat letting only the Sanguinary Priest in combat.

Necrons Turn 4:
Movement : Warriors and Immortals moved forward. Ghost Ark on the right side zoomed 12" forward. The Annihilation Barge moved forward of 6" ready to shot its small gun. The Overlord moved in direction of the disembarked ASM. The Scarabs moved in direction of the gunless Razorback on the left side.
Shooting : both Warriors squad ran forward. Immortals shot the disembarked ASM killing the meltagun carrier. The Annihilation barge spotted them as well but nothing happened.
Assault : The Overlord charged the ASM, they putted 3 wounds on him but he passed all his invul saves and killed 1 guy. The Wraith killed one guy as well and passed all they invul saves. The C'tan finished of the Sanguinary Priest and consolidated in direction of the Wraiths combat. The Scarabs assaulted the Razorback, 5 hits, lowered the armor of 3, got 2 pen, shaken and stunned.

Blood Angels Turn 4:
My mate decided to concede at that point because it was clear that he couldn't do anything else now.

Overall a fun game. This mission scenario is pretty interesting because it really force us to move forward so it could end up with a big mess in the middle with some armies. I could see that I didn't use much of the C'tan power so maybe I should tweak my list to get some Cryptek with tremorstaves. My opponent made quite a lot of mistake, but it's how we learn! I did learn as well with this game.

Next time I will fight against a Full Reserve Tyranids list and I think with my current list it could be a pretty tough game.

It was my first Battle Report so if you have any advices on how to make them better, just leave a comment.
Stay tuned.

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