Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Blog 2.0 The comeback!

Hey guys, long time no see.

I know I know no news for more than a year like I was dead. You all know about it, life... But after quite a break I came back to the Hobby. It's like whatever happen in my life I'm always drawn back to it. So a few months ago I got back into business with our lovely toy soldiers. What made me come back to the hobby was mainly the Horus Heresy.

Forgeworld did a great job in producing a really nice story and game supplement for 40k which happen to be totally different from it, that's why it's called 30k. But like most people which are taking part of the big 30k wagon, it's more about collecting, painting and fluff than really gaming. It's even more the case because it's quite more expensive on our already expensive hobby so it can be really hard to find people which are near by for a game of Heresy.

So after few months collecting my legion, I really wanted to play some game, that's why I decided to start a Tau army. At the time I choose the Fish People for two reasons. I really enjoyed their codex because it's a codex where every entry is worthwhile so I can have fun playing with different stuff and collect them. The second reason was that I never had any Tau and it was a challenge to start an army from scratch.

Few months went by and I've done a LOT of Heresy painting and not so much of Tau as all my time was devoted to the 30k side. A few days ago, I went to a tournament with a friend and I used for first time Farsight Enclave. We went last with 0 points! So much about competitive play.

I then decided to start reading the fluff of the Farsight Enclave and I felt in love with it, so here it is my 40k army will be Farsight Enclave with no Tau or any allies just pure Farsight Enclave. I will try to get some games on and in the next few months share with you my experience and try to get the most of this codex.

I first have to make use of all the models I own as I decided to not buy anything new before everything is painted (and I'm sure you all know how hard this is!). So on thursday I will get a game and I will field some of The Eight to try and see what can be done with them. So I hope you can't wait to see my failure as a general but hopefully you will learn from my mistakes.

Here a bit of what I've been doing on the hobby side lately.

My Tau Color Scheme which is white and red with gold part. I started this scheme as a Tau army so I will have to see if I can add some Farsight Decals maybe. It is supposed to be a fighting force in a snow environment (I will add snow to my bases later). I tried this color scheme on the riptide because it's a big models so I can really have fun on it and it makes it easier with the big surfaces.

And just to show you what I'm talking about when I say Horus Heresy :

That's it for today. And I hope to see you soon with more contents. Take care.

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