Sunday, March 11, 2012

Praetorian and lava bases test

Okey guys still working on my necrons army, and for those who checked my schedule, I might say I was quite optimistic. Mixing my life being a student and this amount of Hobby is pretty hard. In two weeks I'm going back home for a work placement, so I will have much more time to put on my painting.
Anyway, I'm working on my praetorians now. I love the model, I love their fluff, I love a little bit less the rule but I still found a use for them. Without waiting, here the pictures :

So I decide to go with the green/gold and all the energetic part will be in purple. I like the combination of green and purple because the purple still make a contrast with the green but don't catch too much of the attention like a red would do. This model was nice to paint (I think any model is nice to paint when it been such a long time I haven't been painting) but for all of those who want to build their Praetorian, I recommend to keep the "jump pack" part before painting, because I couldn't access to the main "power orb".
During my painting session, I came up with a problem, my fine detail brush is dead. I was trying to do the highlights with a bigger brush, but it didn't end up as clean as I wanted and I was spending more time swearing that actually doing the highlights. I'll order my new brush today, hopefully I will receive it before I move back to my place... Anyway, after doing the green highlights I was so pissed agains my brush, I just decided to stop with highlights before I get my brush that's why the gold parts are not finished yet.

Now I will need your help guys, I don't know how to paint the pistol part. Do I go for metallic, green like the armor, gold, purple, I really struggle to make a choice. So it would be you my dear readers who's gonna choose for me!

Now let's move to the lava bases, here the pictures :

I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, I tried different stuff on this awesome product from Dark Art Miniatures. First they were much more red oriented, but as much as I was checking pictures on the net, I just said that being hotter the color should go more toward a yellowish one. Like I said, pretty happy with the result and I think it's really pop more than a basing sand/tufts base. And thanks to the Salamanders army out there it gave me the inspiration for my green necrons on lava bases.

What do you think about all of theses, any advises, criticism. Being a pretty rookie painter any feedback is welcome.
And of course I'll keep updating as much as the army goes.

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